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Michelle King DavisMichelle King Davis is certified as a personal trainer and health coach through the American College of Exercise. She founded Not Diets, LLC because she thrives on helping others to discover how to live vitally and age gracefully while enjoying optimum health. She specializes in assisting individuals with weight loss, motivating others to fitness, teaching healthy meal preparation, healthy mindset and gluten free living (due to Celiac Disease, Michelle has been gluten-free since 2003).

Beyond Healthy Recipes bookMichelle holds a B.A. in education from Asbury University in Kentucky. After teaching for years, she discovered her passion for nutrition and healthy living as she radically changed her own life in response to health challenges. Michelle received training at Fitness Institute International in Florida and has been certified by The American Council on Exercise as a personal trainer and a health coach. Michelle has done motivational healthy lifestyle speaking and radio shows on a variety of health topics and is the co-author of Never Be Fat Again and the author of Beyond Healthy Recipes. She penned a regular recipe column in a health publication for several years. In addition, Michelle has written numerous health articles for publication on a wide variety of health topics. Before launching Not Diets, Michelle served as the assistant to the director at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, where she carried many responsibilities including writing and teaching on health topics. Michelle has two grown children and two stepsons and currently resides with her husband, Jeff, on the Oregon Coast.