Coaching & Classes


For a nominal fee of $5 a month you can receive a daily text message on some aspect of healthy living to keep you encouraged and on the path to health. All messages are sent by Michelle. To get started in this program, text Michelle at 541-217-4222 for more information.


This is a 30-40 minute consultation for those who will be entering the 15-week Lifestyle Solution Class. During the consultation Michelle will gather information concerning the client's health history, lifestyle assessment and coaching needs. Some clients, depending upon health risk factors, may require a physician's consent to embark on health coaching classes.


Lifestyle Solutions Class

This course is designed to go through the book Michelle co-authored, Never Be Fat Again, in 15 weeks teaching all aspects of healthy, active living. Participants will learn how to incorporate a positive mindset, nutrient dense eating and care of the physical body. The class will meet for 60-75 minutes each week during which time there will be teaching, discussion, tasting and even at times preparation of healthy foods. Goals will be set for each participant to work on during the week at home, from exercise to nutrition and other aspects of healthy living. See the events page for classes beginning soon.


Not Diets Support Group

There are two ongoing support groups to provide a daytime and early evening option to accommodate various schedules. These groups each meet twice a month for one hour and are open to those who have completed the 15-Week Lifestyle Solutions Class. These are designed to provide further support as clients transition into a healthier lifestyle. Experts estimate that while it takes 21 days to form a new habit, it takes 21 months to transition into a new lifestyle, which is full of new habits. These one hour meetings are a time of encouragement, continued learning, tasting and trying new recipes and even occasionally sharing a meal together.


One-on-one Coaching

Typically, it is preferred that a new client take the 15-Week Lifestyle Solutions Class prior to pursuing a one-on-one client relationship. There are a limited number of slots for personal training to fine-tune or establish a weekly routine for aerobic, resistance, balance and stretching exercise.

Michelle is also available on a limited basis to help established clients address all aspects of healthy living:

  • Exercise/fitness training
  • Shopping instruction
  • Healthy meal preparation
  • Toxin avoidance education
  • Mindset strategies


Coaching is available, as Michelle's schedule allows, for 30 or 60 minute telephone consultations. The purpose of these sessions varies according to the needs of the client. Step by step guidance in adopting healthy habits including transforming one's mindset, tips for healthy meal preparation, planning and executing an exercise program or other aspects of healthy living. Telephone consultations may vary from a one-time event to a series of regular calls or whatever fits the individual client's goals and Michelle's availability.


Not Diets Cooking Class

Meal preparation classes are not held as often now due to space and time issues. If a local venue becomes available, where more clients may be accommodated, classes may resume. These classes are open first to clients, but also to non-clients who are interested in learning to make healthy food taste delicious. See the events page for upcoming classes.